About Us

Agra is a Hungarian boutique travel company that specializes in cultural tours. Since our foundation in 1998 we have organized small group and private tours to more than 60 countries and territories on every continent.

Agra was founded with the mission of introducing and interpreting different cultures and peoples to the discerned traveler. We believe that travel is a form of intercultural dialogue that has the power to overwrite ignorance and misconception and that may lead to a better understanding of each other's worlds. Driven by this mission we have been pioneers in organizing tours to places well off the beaten tourist tracks.

We at Agra believe in excellence and we are committed to craft and provide premium travel experiences. Our tour guides are academics and researchers who are experts of a particular area’s history, cultures, languages and religions. Our The itineraries and programs are designed by experienced travel consultants in order to meet the maximum requirements of informed discovery. The highest quality of our services is guaranteed by a team of professional tour operators.

Agra is based in Budapest.